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Ocean Pines Kids Wrestling:

Teach Your Child to Grapple
With Greatness The Jr.
Seahawk’s Wrestling Season
is Now Open!

Kids from Kindergarten to 8th grade learn the world’s most POWERFUL wrestling moves, with expert coaches, and have a ton of fun.

Wrestling teaches so much more than take-downs too! Your child will learn discipline, goal orientation, and sportsmanship. Leadership qualities necessary for success later on.

kids tumbling

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1 Crucial Tip Your High School
Coach Forgot To Mention

Learning epic moves like the Body Scissor or Single-Leg Takedown is awesome...but wrestling is about more than that. It’s about support.

Even if you didn’t wrestle in high school, you most likely had a mentor or coach that pushed you to do great things - especially when you didn’t want to be pushed. In every training session your children will be supported, encouraged, and taught how to harness the awesome power of wrestling for good things.

Using the techniques and boosted confidence from training,they’ll be prepared for any sport and all sorts of life challenges well into adulthood.

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kids tumbling
kids tumbling

Kids Become Superheroes
on the Mat & In Life

Wresting is not easy. It works muscles kids never knew they had! Plus, it builds coordination, a positive body image, and TONS of self-respect.

Wait, kids care about their bodies?

You bet. Students involved in team sports report feelings of acceptance and the urge to do better in all areas of their life. They’re also less likely to vent frustrations in negative ways.

The result: a well adjusted child maintaining their healthy body weight with solid life-long fitness habits.

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Eliminate Your Kid's Fears &
Doubts - Replace Them
With Opportunity!

Wrestling has a bad rap for being “macho”. But that’s not our vibe here. We encourage all Jr. Seahawks to fly with pride and dignity.

We’re a community, you and your family will fit right in! Come check out our new 3,000 square foot facility and meet our amazing team of instructors.

Be sure to check out our schedule for beginner, intermediate, and advanced class offerings - as well as open mat opportunities!

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sign up now before all spots are filled!

Don’t delay! Class size is limited for the season and spots fill up fast. Don't wrestle too long with the best decision you’ll ever make. Register today!